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We have had the honour of being able to supply many stories to our fantastic UK press and just a few of the stories and images that we have supplied and have been printed are shown below.


There are literally hundreds of published stories that we provided , covered and were commissioned to work on, but maybe some of these older ones will jog your memory??


Operating and working as a photo journalist is tricky, enjoyable, very difficult at times, very testing and an honour. A job not to be taken lightly and with heavy responsibility, not for everyone, certainly not for the faint hearted.


But great fun, very rewarding and is one of those professions that provides a great deal of satisfaction, ( when the final stories come together )


Got a story? Even if its your business with a news story or new & unusual product, we can often place the story in many publications which will help to get you free media coverage.


This can be very beneficial if you are a Charitable organisation like a zoo or animal sanctuary and we have a great deal of experience with animal welfare organisations and have worked very closely with several zoo's over the years.


These days we also operate a professional aerial photography service as well to get those stunning aerial shots that can really help to tell a story


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This is a small selection of the news we have covered , a handful of all the published stories that we have supplied and worked on over the years.....

I could go on listing these for pages and pages, years & years, but hopefully you get the idea of what we are about here.


The knowledge and trust we bring is also especially useful for promoting business's.


We can often create or find a news story within almost every business. something that's newsworthy that can get your business into publications and the media.


Of course thats what PR companies do and we have worked with some of the bigger ones over the years on some unusual stories, maybe we can dig out some of those pictures and share them in the future.





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