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Do you need to view or inspect a building or equipment that is very high?


Then this is the perfect way to do it, with a professional drone service and an aerial survey




















Health & safety professionals are now recognising that this is a massive improvement to working at height. The health & safety industry have been working hard for years to reduce the number of times that people have to work at high level.


Working at height is a major source of working injuries, accidents and fatalities. So any time we can stop, avoid or reduce the amount of time people have to work at height is going to give you an improvement in your health & safety obligations.


Once all the relevant safety checks are done, we can have the drone up in the air quickly and sending back live streaming video so you can see results instantly.


We can record the flight video in stunning 4K video and shoot 12Mp still images.


We have fantastic zoom lenses on our drones so that we can zoom in very close to specific areas that you need to see.  This way we can keep the drone a safe distance away from the building or equipment and still deliver a great close up picture and video for you to analyse.


 We are fully insured and our pilots are Civil Aviation Authority certified as commercial drone pilots.


With every project, you will get a method statement & risk assessment and if necessary we will work with all surrounding people and business's that could be affected by the drone flight to ensure that all safety precautions are taken.


The professional drones that we use are much more stable than hobbyist type drones. This is a fairly young industry and we are seeing a lot of lower end , lower cost drones being used for this kind of work and if conditions are calm and there are no chances of anything going wrong, then they may be successful.


But if you want real close up views, with a service that can fly in a wider range of conditions, with real safety features that cut down or totally remove the chances of an incident , then you need to use a professional drone service, with an experienced drone pilot.


That's were you will benefit from using our qualified ,experienced pilots. Because we use drones and aerial photography as a major part of our business we have the experience and knowledge to help you achieve a safe result , with no incidents or accidents. Those can all be avoided if you follow a safe set of working practices.


Call us to today for a quote for your high level survey and we can advise you about what we show you, and how much more beneficial a drone survey is for visual inspection at high level, over putting a human being on a machine and sending them up in the air.


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