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Tel:  01322687876

We are a small Family business of professional photographers.


we have worked for and supplied a great many news items and stories to UK publications.


Our founder is Billy Bonds who is an old bloke now and has won several press awards for his photographic work.


We have recently also started providing aerial photography services to press outlets and TV.


We also provide aerial photography services to other photographers, wedding photographers and PR companies.


We are fast, friendly and can be very competitive on pricing for our services.


We also love to help other business's with their promotions, we take great pride in achieving great results for others.


We started before digital cameras ever existed and have kept up to date as the new technologies have swept across the industry


Now, with the latest exciting equipment being with professional drones, we are looking upwards ( pardon the pun ) to the skies to be part of this young industry with aerial photography to provide news coverage, stunning aerial shots for weddings and large events.


There are so many additional uses for aerial photography so we have invested wisely with professional level equipment.


With Bill Bonds as our driving guide and some very talented family members in Craig Smith as our main drone pilot and Tessa Bonds as our house / studio photographer we can bring a fresh , fast , creative view to all our work.



Visit our studio :

Unit 4 , Birchwood Trade Estate, Swanley, Kent, BR8 7QD